What is Shaeffer?

Shaeffer is the name you angrily call for when you need a creative mind and a snarky attitude. Shirts, business cards, posters advertising events, Mike Shaeffer has worked on numerous projects, creating materials for many clients in the Pittsburgh area he now calls home. Currently a senior at California University of Pennsylvania, Mike has spent his time there building his skills.


From working for the Cal U's Theatre Department, to creating logos with a team for several clubs, even designing materials for Full House's Uncle Joey and his stand-up show, Mike has gone on to create: logos, brands, promotional materials, clothing design, print handouts.


And more since starting his college career at Cal U. He currently works at the Multimedia Access Center as the Senior Graphic Designer on staff, and is the President of the schools graphic design club, Studio 224. Holding postions at both since his freshman year, he now enters his Senior year preparing to graduate and move onto the grander world beyond the valley of California, Pa. Probably to philly.


He knows people there.