Who is Shaeffer?

This is Mike Shaeffer. Most people just call him Shaeffer.

At a surprising 21 years old, surprising because no one expected him to make it with the aformentioned attitude, Mike lives in California, Pa where he attends university. His path to where he is now started when he was a freshmen in Garnet Valley High School. With an interest in making his often absurd ideas a reality, he took up a Graphic Communication class. In class he learned the process of screen printing, which allowed him to print his own custom shirts, a silent way to express the wild imagination he still reveled in. But he realized he creativity was hindered by his lack of artistic abilty.

With the his goals set to better his craft, he began taking art classes so that he could improve. Over the remaining years in highschool, Mike took several fine arts classes including ones for painting, drawing, illustration, photography, and design. During this time, a passion was discovered by Mike, one to create art that did more than wait on the wall for someone to come to it. Mike wanted to bring art to the people in ways that were useful and effective. And so with his senior year wrapping, Mike decided to apply to one school on the reccomendation of one teacher, because he makes somewhat unsound decisions.

And with his acceptance into California University of Pennsylvania, Mike Shaeffer started his path to becoming a Graphic Designer...or a homeless person. He needs to plan things better.

So what does Shaeffer do?