Lighthouse Studios

Hello and welcome to our music studio. This is where we make your musical dreams come true. Our goal is to help you move forward in any way possible in this fascinating industry. We have some of the top of the line equipment and some of the best engineers that will gladly help you start you musical career. Not a musician but are looking for a career being behind the music? Don't worry because we are always looking for more workers in this growing industry. Remember our moto, "We know how to light your way to becoming who you are meant to be."



We have helped a countless number of bands and solo artists through the years. We have worked on music videos for bands like Parkway Drive and we have helped festivals like Knot Fest. There have been music videos that we have shot from jumping out of airplanes to a garage setting. We like to paint you image the way you want it or the way that works best with your music.



Here, we like to have fun but we know when the fun needs to end and the real work needs to begin. If you are willing to trust us with your future then we will do our very best to make sure you get what you deserve. Our hearts and souls will be poured into making you music into the sound you want it to be.



Here area few words fro people we have worked with:


These are the words of Corey Taylor, who we helped produce a few music videos and helped him set up his own festival. "I loved working with Nikolas Shank on both the music videos and he was a great help with my festival. I will definitely ask anyone who works at Lighthouse Studios to come and help me out when ever I need it. Nick did everything he was asked to do and more. He was my right hand man and he even gave me a few bands to help open the festival with and they were fantastic. I couldn't have asked for anyone better."


These are the words of Rob Lastname, the famous guitar player who's worked for many large labeled bands. "When I worked with Nick the first time in 2018, we were both college students and he told me that he wanted practice on recording so he asked to record me playing guitar. He worked hard and did his best and more to make it sound amazing. Nearly 30 years later and I'm still going to him for help recording guitar and I trust anyone Nick hands me right away. They truly put everything they can into music and I couldn't ask for a better Studio."



As you can see by the words of these fantastic men who we've worked with, we truly are here to help you on your path through music.











Don't worry about the genre you play because we work with all genres of music. From Heavy Metal to Hip-Hop to Country. We do it all.


 May our light guide you to success.

Photo of one of the best studios in Lighthouse Studio.
One of our best studio rooms