I graduated from from Brownsville Area High School in 2014. My senior year I had extra credits to take electives so I decided to enroll in a couple art and Graphic Design classes. My art teacher untapped the potential of creativity I had and my design teacher introduced me to photography and Adobe programs. I excelled in all the classes but I wanted to pursue a degree in social work because I have a passion for psychology and love to help others. I did well my freshman year in college but was not satisfied with my decision. I changed my major to graphic communication and love it! I get to exercise my creativity and test my limits, but I also get to practice psychology and design things based on how your brain would perceives them. To reinforce my major is the right choice for me I get to apply my knowledge to the real work world at my dad's restaurant Pepper-Ronnie's in Brownsville. I had the opportunity to design the business website, Face-book and menu. Cal U is close to home so I commute to classes. I get to live at home, work two part time jobs and attend school full time. Ultimately I think I am on the right path in life and cannot wait to see where my future takes me after graduation!