The Band

These beautiful hands belong to the Bear himself (Brandon). They handle the mixing and the drums for the band. These hands have seen wars but always come out on top to slam some gosh frickin darn drum fills right into your face. His mastering skills go toe to toe with NONE, he IS the top of the mountain. He can make Rebecca Black sound like the angels calling you to the sweet release of death.

This is a rare photo of the entire band together. Rare because it is required to take the photo within the frame of a split second, as the cosmic energy caused by all of them being in the same place is truly too powerful for human technology. When Brandon lays down a beat, like the pounding of the Hammer of Thor, and Tyler's sick @$$ shredding is combined with Jake's angelic guitar pieces, it is something not of any this dimension. And if the Heavenly and unnatural voice of Emma is added, the listener is often left convulsing and chanting of Native American Deity gods.

You're looking at the face, of the face of the band. Emma, also known as "The White Devil". Rumor has it she simply breaths through her skin so that she can hold out those notes like she do. The legend to all, and the nightmare to many. She will rip you to pieces in a manner that while she's doing it to you, you can only stare in awe and sheer respect, then she turns you into luggage to carry her PICCalo.

Jacob Dryzal, also known as "The Samoan of many mates" is one of two guitar players for the band. His beautiful flin diddleys on his guitar will leave you wishing you could gaze into his luscious hips for the remainder of your life. When he plays guitar it sends a sensation that he's holding you in his arms as if to say "I know you're worried.. but everything is OK now.. I've got you." Simply put if he asks you to do something even if your mind says no.. your body will always say a resounding "YES!"

You're looking at Tyler, also known as "The Foot of God". This is the entire band right here, despite the other's impressive skills, this young man is the glue of the crap show that is Subject To Change. His ideas come to him on golden papyrus that descends from the Heavens underneath some tree. God? Aliens? perhaps both? It is said he was conceived from a man (Likely Randy Rhoads) and an Avatar creature from Pandora while gliding across a river  on a PegaSUS and it is said he shredded for the first time 4 minutes after his birth.

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