We are working on not only recording all of our music, but also on making it available to all. We have played at many huge venues such as Rock in Rio, Knotfest and Venus. We have our music played on many reputable radio stations as well, such as our favorite; WCAL!

This is a picture of a guitar pick that fell from the Heavens on a hot Autumn eve and landed on Tyler's head. ever since he's used it to record every single album. No matter what he does, it always returns to his pocket.

A quick example of the time Tyler has put into practicing his guitar in the past 2 weeks. It's mostly been practice on sight reading but he never forgets to put in his many hours for Subject To Change. It takes a grand total of 5 minutes for them to write a masterpiece due to their unnatural abilities.

Jake has his signature model Fender available for sale, way cheaper than it should be. It is only $1,749.99 but anything modeled after the axe used by Jake Dryzal deserves to be worth millions, at LEAST. The kind heart and gentle nature of Jake has caused him to sympathize with mortals and greatly lower the price.

This is the sheet music to "Dynamic Etude" by William Levet, which Subject Performed for a live concert. Although it is far below the max capabilities of the band, the crowd loved a nice break from the face melting sessions of a Subject To Change concert.

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