Hello, my name is Randell Smith. I am currently a Pre-Commercial Music technology major at California University of Pennsylvania. Over the next few years, I will study how to play music as well as record, produce and read/write it. Upon graduation, I plan on being an audio engineer. I shall record music for upcoming artists and bands of many different genres, and in doing so I will be able to live off of this income. qMusic Is Everywhereq In each of our everyday lives, music is all around us. After all, who doesn't like music? It is one of the many great forms of art, one that is constantly influencing the human race. This means there are a lot of musicians out there who without a doubt will need someone to immortalize their music. Upon entering the enormous music industry, recording and producing music is a vitality. There are countless opportunities in this area of work, as the number of recording musicians will only grow over time.
Photo of a profesional recording studio.
Photo of a man recording vocals.