I am a current Commercial Music Technology student at California University of Pennsylvania. My main instrument of study is violin, but I am a singer, as well. As a graduate of Boardman High School in Youngstown, Ohio, I was always highly involved with music in my high school, which is known for our arts department. I played violin in the symphony, chamber, and theater orchestras. I participated in theater up to my senior year, where I decided to join chorale and gain experience singing choral pieces and competing with a show choir. My favorite activity I participated in, which ultimately led to my decision in becoming a CMT major, is Project Mayhem. Project Mayhem is a rock orchestra composed of Boardman High School students. We performed rock, pop, and other contemporary pieces with a full chamber orchestra, adding electric string instruments, drums, guitars, singers, etc. I was an electric violinist and singer for the group.



Katelyn Snyder

CMT Major

Violin, Voice

While in Mayhem, I was exposed to running sound, using microphones, setting up a light show, putting together a set list, musicianship, performing skills, and a great deal of responsibility and leadership. After realizing the great amount of work that is required to put on a multiple hour rock concert (and how much I loved doing it), I knew that this was something I would always want to be a part of. While I love performing, as a senior in Mayhem, I was able to do a lot more behind the scenes with sound and microphones. I really like that the CMT major allows me to work behind the scenes (so to speak) and perform, combining everything that I love.


My webpage outlines my career goals, how I intend to get there, and the musical foundation with which I got my start.