After receiving my Bachelor's degree in Commercial Music Technology, I hope to eventually run a recital hall in Nashville, Tennessee. When I was in Nashville in Spring 2016, I absolutely fell in love with the city. I grew up listening to country music and Nashville has such an inviting feeling. My end goal is to work with orchestras and/or country singers, maybe performing on the side in a fiddle group if my work schedule permits. I am beyond excited to learn more about audio and music production in my four years at CalU.


My inspiration largely stems from "Country Tonite in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Country Tonite is a concert focusing on covers of current and classic country pieces, accompanied by dancers, costumes, sets, lights, etc. When I saw the show in 2017, I was fully mesmerized by all of the work that must have been involved to make such a complex and dazzling show come together. I would also be thrilled to be involved with Country Tonite or something similar.



Katelyn Snyder

Career Goals

Photo by Mara Robinson