ghosty kids is a local clothing brand started by a couple of kids with an ambition for design. we are working from the ground up to create various clothing articles that make a statement. we aren't a one design company either, in the future we plan to expand out and make something for everyone that they can be comfortable in. not just the material, but the message. behind the design is a lifestyle withholding creativity and self-expression attempting to reach new heights. that is why we are a team full of dreamers, we look for what the people want. we are local, we are ghosty, and we are proud.


we are all about the feeling. we want our ghosty kids to feel comfortable in their own skin, and here, in their clothing. our shirts are ridiculously soft and give you the confidence you need to shine. we are about the lifestyle. we collaborate, demonstrate individuality, and embrace the world around us. the world... ah yes, that is what this website is for, to take the local from this brand and throw it into the stratosphere. we want everyone to experience this phenomenon, men and women to show off their uniqueness through the fashion, music, art and culture of action sports, street wear and anything else they so dream of.


remember when we said we plan to expand out? well, that is what we are doing. we want to be "cutting edge", starting with shirts like shown here and ending with countless merchandise our customers live for. what we mean by this is, expressionistic clothing; footwear; accessories, CDs; hard goods for an active lifestyle. all while showing who we are through the art of design. this art is not a boring lecture, it's an interesting conversation. as for us as a brand? think of us as a baby "zumiez" or "vans", however, don't be surprised when we come out on top.


we're all just a bunch of ghosty kids from a time period where we had to learn who we truly are. NOW WE KNOW and that feels GOOD. expression is a form of design where struggle is a form of movement, and movement gets us where we need to go. still can't decide if you're into us? well, like us, try to take a leap into the unknown and find yourself. there is never a dull moment as a ghosty kid. everyday is a beach day aka everyday is a good day. we were once just a little stain on the back of a used sketchbook, now we're the paint being intentionally splattered on the walls of this big, big world.