PJ Studio and Music Therapy is an eclectic business that offers many options for your music needs. We strive for the best in our studio and therapy, offering beautiful and professional experiences. We have a beautiful recording studio, learn more about it below. We also offer Music Therapy, with many services and information below. All rooms are soundproofed, allowing complete privacy whether you’re here for therapy or the studio, your experience will be completely personalized.

Music Production

Music Therapy

Our studio is run by Rylan Stiffler. You can also learn more about him by clicking the link below. Our studio allows the musician to control their songs, providing feedback and guidance throughout the process. Whether it be recording songs from scratch, or simply mastering a mixed track, we offer all services from all points of completion. We have some of the best equipment, including Pro Tools, many microphones of all types (including a setup for drums), and many instruments to be used. If a band/musician wishes to bring their own, we are glad to set up the recording for their equipment as well.  Our studio services can be seen below:


  • Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Our therapy office is run by Eli Wetzel. To learn more about Eli, see the link below. Music therapists can assess many facets of a person’s health, including emotional well-being, physical and cognitive health, and social abilities, helping to improve anything you have been facing difficulties with. We strive to create a personalized, customized experience for every patient. We have taken many steps for making our sessions feel comfortable, private, and informative. Our therapy services can be seen below:


  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Mental Health
  • Addiction
  • Educational Programs