This website will mainly be a means of displaying a portfolio of different pieces I made throughout my college career. There will be a variety of mediums and subject matter throughout the site. Work from both my classes and personal life will be displayed for all to see. So not only will this portfolio contain work that was meant for evaluation, but it will contain fun, personal pieces to me as well. I believe it is necessary to draw or design for yourself every once in a while. If a person is to succeed, they need to enjoy and love what they do.


I would hope that my work on this site reflects what I put into it. There will be differences between work that was for class and work that was for fun. This website will also explain what the piece is for, why I made it, any concepts or processes that went into it.


Not only should this website display what I deem as successful pieces of work, but what I find distasteful as well. I find that saving my not-as-good pieces and recreating them later is helpful. It is important to show that I am aware of the mistakes I make. This will show my improvement over time, and how I am continuing to grow as a designer. This website will serve as a means to show not only what I know now, but how far I have come, and how much further I may be able to go.


A crow landing upon a skull in ink.
Dancer with flowers as tutu.