About me.

Hi, my name is Samantha Stotsenburgh, but I usually go by Sam. I am currently in my third year at California University of Pennsylvania as a Graphic Design Major. Originally, I came from Pottstown on the east side of the state. I moved to California with my significant other to better ourselves and become more independent. So far, it has been working out fairly well. Besides being a full-time student, I currently work at the Hampton Hotel, have a work study on campus, and am working on becoming at least a sergeant in the Army National Guard. I suppose you can say I like to stay busy.


A few of the activities I enjoy when I actually have free time are cooking and baking, drawing, and playing video games. Mainly cooking and baking.


If I had to choose my biggest weakness, it would have to be over thinking. I tend to over think most situations and expect the worst to happen. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I did not have to worry. The reason I say this is a weakness is that it takes a toll. Worrying all the time is not healthy, and it is an issue I am trying to focus on remedying.


My biggest strength would have to be my work ethic. I will do my best with what is given to me while trying to stay positive about it. I will try to be as prepared as possible in any given situation, thanks to my weakness as well. I prepare for the worst and aim for the best.



Samantha Stotsenburgh and Anthony Rivera in Washington D.C.