Graphics & Multimedia(GCM)


On my website, I will be showing you some of the my projects that I've done so far in Graphics & Multimedia(GCM).

Though only being a GCM student of California University of Pennsylvania for a mere year, there were multiple projects completed in that time. One project that we had to work on was to create our own brand. We had to come up with the concept, make our own logo, as well as come up with the color scheme. My brand was called Diggnin' For Gamers. This was a gaming news company that would bring the latest news to our audience. We would also give reviews for the newest games that would be released. We would even make walkthroughs for anybody who was having difficulties on a certain area of a game. Diggin' For Gamers would also reveal cheat codes for new and old games.

Also while at Cal I took a course called Black & White Photography. In this class we had to take numerous photos, edit them to the their potential quality and print them. They are then put into your personal portfolio.

Some of my photos that I have taken can be found on the top of the page.

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Enter Into My Portfolio

The Photos above were taken while in Black & White Photography taught by Prof. Urbine.

Above is the brand I created. Click Play!