Our mission here is to go beyond useful, to indispensable. We are your communications partner to help you solve your complex business problems and provide complete customer satisfaction. We are located in two Wilmington, Delaware and California, PA.


We offer two things here at OVL designs, one of those things is signs. No matter the shape, sign or application, signage is our specialty. We take great pride in getting our customers noticed. We also offer marketing and design here, we are not printers who do marketing and design. We are marketers and designers who happen to be expert printers.

We added a picture of Evan Eckard's website homepage because he is the reason this company became what it is today. We all started watching his YouTube videos and then started talking to each other in the comment sections. Now here we are fulfilling our dreams as graphic designers.


OVL design staff includes Reginald Surpris, Howard Collings, Nico Leavell and Jakob Sosa. We also have 24-hour ordering service, which you could do through text, email, phone or through our shop (coming soon).

OVL Designs