About Reginald Surpris

Reginald Surpris is from Wilmington, Delaware. He has been designing for seven years after stumbling on a YouTube video of Evan Eckard.

Reginald was influenced by fellow graphic designers by the usernames of Dase Designs, Chris_Studios, inkbyteart, Felo_Green and EvanEckard. He also has been making YouTube videos for seven years as well. Reginald is currently a sophomore and a community assistant at California University of PA.

Reggie at his senior prom

The picture above is Reginald Surpris and his friends at prom their senior year.

Reginald met Howard, Nico and Jakob through YouTube videos as they all are content creators. Reginald is also a big supporter of WWE, baseball, football and Pepsi.

Reginald is the founder of Double V designs as it is a play off of his YouTube channel that you can search for once it is done for maintenance.

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