This New Technology Could Make Your Internet 100 Times Faster than Wifi

It’s almost 2016, the most annoying thing ever is slow wifi..right? It can be a blessing or a curse in my opinion. Sometimes I’m really happy that there’s no wifi so I’m not tempted to be on my phone, but when I’m trying to do homework and the buildings wifi is slow it’s extremely frustrating! Well there are now rumors that there is a new internet source that can reportedly produce connection speeds up to 100 times faster than wifi!

Li-Fi is the name of this new internet source. It was invented by Professor Haas of Scotland’s University of Edinburgh in 2011. This source uses LED lights that switch on and off within nanoseconds to transmit data across networks. Sounds crazy right? A single LED light can transmit more data than an entire tower of cellular power, this has been proved! Recent studies show it is able to achieve speeds of 1 gigabits/second.

In the Graphics world we understand how long it takes to download large file sizes and high definition videos, but with this technology it would only take a few seconds to download an HD movie. The only downfall to this technology is that since it is powered by light, it doesn't work through walls. Although, is this a downfall? This solves all the issues of those pesky neighbors stealing your wifi! It could also be cheaper because you will be filling your home with LED lightbulbs instead of multiple expensive routers.

Many airlines are currently testing the Li-Fi feature in hopes to be able to offer this technology on flights. Keeps your hopes up high that in just a few years this technology will be released to the public. Technology is constantly being updated and this could be the next breakthrough in our modern day society.