Dwalt Studios


My name is Donald Waltonbaugh and this site is going to be a guideline portfolio for all of my projects through out my schooling and even maybe after graduation. Although i am just beginning, this webpage will be my personal database and organization tool for my major.

A little bit about myself:

I am 20 years old and I’m a junior here at California University of Pennsylvania. I enjoy working out and playing video games. I just switched my major for the third time to Graphic Communications and Multimedia and, for the first time, I am really excited about my major. Ambition leads my goals. I hope for and work for a successful future, maybe to a point where I become a huge icon for something in this industry.

I look forward to using this site and I hope that one day i will be able to turn this in with my resume’ full of confidence.


Live as if you’ll die tomorrow

Dream as if you’ll live forever

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