The music industry has very many opportunities for jobs. You can work behind the scenes or be a performer on stage.

There are many jobs from:

  • stage crew
  • lighting
  • sound
  • set design
  • performing
  • song writing and editing
  • hair and makeup
  • choreography

The sky is the limit!

As a Commercial Music Technology major you can pursue most of the jobs that I have listed. I want to be a performer. Writing music and singing are my biggest passions. Even though it will be a lot harder to get into that part of the music industry, I am still willing to risk everything do what I love. My style of song writing is more towards pop and r&b. Although I do have a wide variety of taste in music, I tend to lean towards those genres when writing.

After I graduate I plan to move to the city to pursue my singing career. I see myself working many jobs, not only as a singer but also behind the scenes in the industry. I could set up for concerts, work my way up in a recording studio, set up lighting for performances, etc. I think it's hard to have a set plan in the music industry when you want to be a performer because you never know when you'll have your shot or meet the right person. Becoming a performer takes determination and being at the right place at the right time. Which means giving yourself every opportunity to be discovered and putting yourself out there and getting exposed.