Welcome to Blackwater Studios

Welcome to the website for Blackwater sound recording. This website is the homepage for my recording studio known as Blackwater Recording. Here at blackwater we focus on giving you the highest sound quality possible. We have worked with the likes of Jay-z, 50 cent, Kendrick Lamar, and more! We also have produced studio albums, most of which have gone triple platinum including Brickz Out Tha Oven 2, Driving indoors, Views, and something by Mackelmore.

Within our studio we have some of the best equipment this side of the Mississippi! Which includes new mics , beat pads, keyboards, software like Logic pro, Reason, Abelton, and much more! Not to menton producers like B-Lo Tha Don, DSBeatsss, Metro Boomin', Swizz Beats, Zaytoven, and Burberry Perry. We recently just restocked our merchandise as well in the Blackwater Fashion shop, located on the floor below studio booth 1. Now you can get all of your rapper needs for a cheaper price, like grillz and chains, ear rings, jordans and new Blackwater gear! To learn more about the creators of Blackwater or to check out our gear Click here. Currently B-Lo Tha Don and I are gone fishing so we will not be in contact with you right away, but if you send an e-mail here I will be sure to get back to you ASAP no Rocky.