Griffin White

The Love for Conceptual Art and Multi Media

Drone Cimematography - Graphic Designer - Conceptual Artist

Capturing the beauty of desolate environments using a mix of drone work, videography, and photography.

an abandoned neighborhood

My goal is to create beautiful content and inspire others. I plan to colaborate with other artists soon!

We are traveling and capturing abandoned locations with friends. Intrests are in art and clothing design. Screen printing and graphic design is our passion! Work with us!

third eye art

Gaming videos are on the way next. Several clips are on YouTube already, however I plan to grow this out. Many of my friends will contribute their favorite clips and this will be a communnity project. Lastly, many travel vlogs will be on the way so stay tuned!

2020 has been a weird year but this cannot slow the art world down. I am more than excited to have my business started, however there is much more work left to do!

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