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The Wieszczyk Family began many years ago from Polish roots. Now, the family is located in North America in various states including California, Michigan, Kansas, North Carolina and most importantly Pennsylvania. Raymond Wieszczyk and Grace Wieszczyk are the the Father and Mother of Raymond Junior, Wayne, Mark, Gregory, Paula, Cindy, and Andrea. Through their seven children Raymond and Grace have 26 Grandchildren. The family in specific that is the main focus is Gregory's family. Gregory is married to Eileen and has 4 children: Philip, Luke, Hannah, and Caleb; and they now have 2 daughter-in-laws: Adrian and Joann.

Gregory's Family Christmas 2013


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Gregory is a Supervisor at FMC Technologies in Erie, Pennsylvania; which is where he grew up as a kid. For 15 years Gregory and Eileen moved to Eastlake, Ohio where each of their children were born and still call home. In December of 2002 Gregory moved his family to North East, Pennsylvania where the family still lives, although many of his children do not reside there. Gregory was born on August 5th and is 56 years old. He enjoys biking, bird watching, cross country skiing in the winter time and planting his garden in the summer time. He is very outgoing and likes to talk to people and tell some crazy jokes most of the time.

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