Hannah & Caleb: "The Other Kids"

Hannah and Caleb are the last two children of Gregoy's "clan." Hannah is now a Junior at California University of Pennsylvania Majoring and Graphics and Multimedia, and minoring in Marketing. She loves Photography, swimming, and designing things in Photoshop. In the future she wants to design ads for marketing purposes. Caleb is now a senior at North East High School and is planning on attending PITT in Fall of 2015 for Civil Engineering. He loves math problems and soccer and this year his team was the District 10 Champions and made it to playoffs. Caleb and Hannah were always very close growing up since the other two boys were close in age and so much older than they were.

Hannah & Caleb when they were young.


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Caleb as mentioned to the left is now a senior in High School and almost 18 years old. He's been having to make a lot of decisions about his future, one of them being his choice to go into the engineering field of work. He chose this major because he loves math and is very good at and math is a HUGE part of being any kind of engineer. As for his life before this, he got himself into many injuries because of sports or just being his crazy self. One of these injuries being hit by a pick up truck in the summer of 2013. He had an amzing healing time for being hit by such a large vehicle and was able to play on his soccer team in fall later that year. This kid is crazy!!

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