Luke and Adrian's Wedding

Luke Wieszczyk, one of the sons of Gregory and Eileen had been with Adrian Morgan since he was a senior in higschool in 2008. They were together for 3 years when they got engaged in 2011. Their wedding date was set for May 26th, 2012 and on this date they got married at First Baptist Church in North East, Pennsylvania in the afternoon. In the ceremony there were three bridesmaids and three groomsman to stand with the bride and groom. The best man was Philip Wieszczyk, brother of the groom; and the maid of honor was Corine Following the ceremony the newly wed Wieszczyk couple made their way for some outdoor photos around the town, which turned out beatifully.

Outdoor photo after the wedding.


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About the Couple

As mentioned to the left, the couple got married in 2012 so they have now shared two happy years of marriage. For most of those two years they lived in the suberbs of Philadelphia with their two cats Ballew and Hollis. They have recently moved to Durham, North Carolina where Luke is a Middle School Math and Science teacher, which he loves. Adrian is a nanny most of the time and also works as a brewrista at Starbucks near where they live. They enjoy the many outdoor activities they can participate in their new home. Their favorites are being able to go mountain biking & fishing at the ocean only 45 minutes from them.

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