Philip and Joann's Wedding

Philip Wieszczyk and Joann Mollo met at Temple University in the Diamond Marching Band. They fell in love over their mutual love for music and performing music, as well as being goofy. They got engaged in the early months of 2014 and got married on November 30th, 2014 on a beautiful fall day. At their wedding ceremony they sung a duet as a special part of they day to show they love of music they have together, as well as the love they have for eachother. They had four bridesmaids and four groomsmen to witness their special day. Instead of exiting by having attendees throw rice or blow bubbles Philip had the band come and play as a surprise, which Joann happened to love!

Philip & Joann exiting from their wedding.


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About the Couple

As mentioned to the left, the couple met in the marching band at their university. In the marching band Joann was the drum major for 2 seasons, and now Philip is a Graduate Assistant for the maching band as he is in grad school. Joann graduated with a teaching degree in music and she now teaches at a charter school in Philadelphia where she is basically starting a whole new music program there. As for Philip, he graduated with his bachelors as a music therapist and is now working with a growing business as he goes to grad school to finish up his degree and gain a couseling license. The couple lives in Philly near the river and they love it!

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