What I do

Hello, this is spontangus. Through this handle, I create art and clothing with my embroidery machine. I'm working toward cultivating an audience through social media, but my primary goal is to be making things, that I feel, express parts of who I am. It changes constantly. I feel like I'm trying on different pairs of shoes right now, but I enjoy the experimentation.

Sailor Moon Piece


My process

Though this medium, I try to explore different avenues of technique and style. I utilize hand dyed fabric and recycled vintage t-shirts by stitching them onto my pieces using what's called machine-applique. It's a function that allows me to create applique shapes with vector images. I start by making shapes in Adobe illustrator and then I import them them into my embroidery digitizing program. Next, I work on the embroidered parts of the image until I think it's complete. The embroidery file is exported onto a floppy disk which is is put into my machine. The part of the process I enjoy most is picking the fabric I use for the applique while the design is stitching out.

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