Teaching English Abroad



So you've graduated from college and want to travel but you're broke, why not teach English abroad What do you need to teach English abroad? 1. Be a native English speaker from places such as the United States, Canada, the UK or Australia. 2. Obtain a Bachelors degree from an accredited university of college in any major. 3. Obtain a TESOL or TEFL. 4. Get your passport ready. Where can you teach? There are many countries that are in need of native English speakers. Countries like, China, South Korea, Japan, United Emirates, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru to name a few. Why teach English Abroad? Teaching English abroad affords you the opportunity to travel the world and make money while doing so. It allows you to dive head first into a new culture with the ability to learn a new language and new skills. Speaking the native language is not a requirement to be an English teacher but it definitely helps in daily activities. Many countries also pay well for English teachers. Countries like South Korea typically pay for housing which is a huge chunk of money to save. Other countries like Japan and China give housing allowances and help searching for an apartment.


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