Welcome to Blue Heart Studios, virtual home of Recording Artist and Performer Trenton Antill! On this page you find loads of information about me such as background, where to listen to my music and when/where I'll be performing. So grab a chair, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

A picture of Trenton Antill playing on stage


Trenton Antill started his love for music during his childhood but did not start his musical journey until his freshman year of highschool where he started to learn to sing and play the guitar. Since then, Trenton has went on to major success in his musical career. He has went on to write and release multiple songs thoughout his highschool career through multiple streaming sites to great success! This culminated to his senior year of highschool where Trenton signed to MC1 Nashville, a recording company in Nashville, only a week before he was to graduate! After his graduation, Trenton attended California University of Pennsylvania. During his time in college, Trenton earned his degree in Commercial Music Technology, which helped him learn not only more about music, but also sound engineering. Over a year after earning his degree, Trenton has gone on to major success in the music industry as a performer with the skills he has learned throughout the years and is ready for many more years to come!


Trenton can be found on multiple sites for streaming. These sites include Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and Amazon Music. All of Trenton's songs have all been professionally self recorded under Trenton's own recording company, Blue Heart Studios!

Upcoming Events:

Here you can find where Trenton will be performing during upcoming events and shows

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