About the CEO

Nathan Bosak- The CEO of Greatest Hit Studios

Who Is He?

Nathan Bosak is the CEO and founder of Greatest Hit Studios. Nathan has always grew up with playing all different types of music. When he was 10, he played trombone in elementary school band. From there he played in middle school concert band and jazz ensembles. At his time at Hempfield Area High School, he was a member of the Spartan Marching Band, the Spartan Jazz Band, and Concert Band. After graduating from high school he went onto attending California University of Pennsylvania where he earned his bachelor's degree in Commercial Music Technology. During his time at Cal U, he has taken private lessons on trombone and piano. With these he has expanded his knowledge on how to play not only his primary instrument of trombone, but the piano. After earning his degree, he toured with many brass ensemble gigs across the United States. Nathan has always had an interest in recording music. For that reason, he decided to set up his own recording studio in his apartment he moved to after graduating college. From there after working as audio engineer for local musicians in his area he created this studio, Greatest Hit Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Photo of Nathan

Nathan's Mission Here at Greatest Hits

Nathan wants to help any musician whether they are a complete novice or a professional become the best musician they can be. Along with that, they can be able to strike high within the industry with everything that we produce. He also allows artisits to come with their own ideas with what they want their sound to be. But, Nathan is also able to get people started if they are not exactly sure on where to begin. Nathan's end goal at Greatest Hits Studio is to have artists produce the sound of whatever they dreamed about and Nathan will do everything he can to make that happen.

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