Application Programming - Java, COBOL, Python

Learning advanced techniques for design and implementation of business solutions using object-oriented programming concepts. Emphasis was placed on efficient software development for business related problems.

Web Development - HTML, JavaScript, PHP

Wrote and tested database driven websites that use both client-side and server-side scripts

Database Management and Database Design - SQL

Studying the logical and physical design of databases and the tables within them as determined through the analysis of information needs and modeling; the creation of Entity Relationship Diagrams and their translation into relational schemas; normalization techniques; DDL (Data Definition Language) and SQL for database, table, view and index creation; and database performance and optimization.

Database Application Development - PL/SQL

Experience with database design and implementation based on a thorough analysis of requirements and information modeling. Introduced to PL/SQL and database triggers.

Systems Analysis - Waterfall

Learned concepts and tools of systems analysis within the context of real-life business problems. The traditional SDLC waterfall approach was stressed in order to prepare for any business type or size.

Project Management

Focused on the management and completion of systems-software development projects. Both technical and behavioral aspects of project management were applied. Worked as the leader on some coding assignments to ensure projects worked properly and were finished in a timely manner. Additional Software Experience - GameMaker Studio 2, Photo editing software