Technology Education

What is it?

Technology Education is a major that is highly looked over, it is a teaching position seem in most high schools and even in some middle schools. Many people may be familiar with it but have just never known the name for it. Technology Education includes: Wood shop teacher, metal manufacturing, electronics, welding, robotics, graphic design, and many others. Since not many people know about this major there are tons of job openings available, some schools are even getting rid of the program or using other teachers to teach the subject.

picture of Technology education classroom

Interesting projects

One of the best part of Tech Ed is the freedom, once the skills are learned it is open game. Anybody that is trained correctly can let their imaginations run wild. The number one most important thing about tech ed is safety. Some beginner projects include: Cutting boards, band saw boxes, yo-yo on the lathe, finger joint box, and many more. These projects allow individuals to become experienced with the different machines seen in a woodshop. After completion of these projects most people feel comfortable enough to make what they want or need.

How to get involved?

It is very simple to get involved with Tech Ed, ask! There are not many colleges that offer Technology Education as a major in Pennsylvania. If it is not something you think you would be interested in find someone who is already in the program and ask to watch them do some work. I'm sure they would all be more than happy to have you watch and learn something new!

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