Welcome to Zsound!

     This website is built for the purpose of being a platform to extend my future sound company.  Here on this website, I will be able to provide information to future customers.  For example, information can come in the form of video and photographic media, posting pictures directly to the page and embedding videos to watch. Other information on this website will be contact information.  This contact information will be in list form and easily found on the page.  The website will also have multiple navigation points to jump to and away from other sections of the website.

Rock band Headgames playing on a stage at the Rivers Casino.

    Information on my future business:  My future business will offer different varieties of sound production. I would like to build a nice out of the way studio outside of my future home.  Somewhere in the Appalachian mountains. It would be a unique recording experience. Bands would have a place to stay for the duration of the recording process.  Including all necessary accommodations for a week or weekend recording session. The recording studio and band accommodations will be held in the same building, with all the necessary sound proofing.

     The secondary part of my business will be live sound production.  With live sound production, a full array of equipment for a live show will be offered.  These options will include different levels and size of Front of House rigs.  Monitors, microphones, stands, etc. will also be available. I will provide front of house engineer services as well as monitor engineer services as need. If larger shows require multiple engineers, they will be provided.


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