Tony Cheung

Who is he?

Tony Cheung grew up in a small town called New Egypt that can be found in New Jersey. There, where he attend New Egypt High School, Tony participated in many activities such as soccer, basketball, environmental club, student government, and more. As Tony progress throughout school, he began to take a interest in the influence and impact of technology. Time flew by, and it was time to go to college to pursue his interests. In the end, Tony decide to attend Cal U to expand and learn more in technology.


Major and Future

Tony wants to continue his passion for learning technology at Cal U by majoring in Digital Media Technology. Although he is still an amateur, Tony intends to pursue a future revolving technology. Tony still is unsure of what career he wants to pursue as he wants to keep his options open and experience as much as he can, then he'll be able to decide what career he'll fully commit to. His current interest are either being a Web Designer or a job in advertising. Throughout high school, Tony had always a interest in designing logos and creating different forms of advertisment whether it be for teachers, students or the school. He always had a fun time interact with others and figuring out what kind of advertisement they need him to create. Not to mention he thought the procress of marketing behind it was intriguing as he had to think of what the so call "client" would want or how it'll get people to take notice. Along the way, he develop a similar interest in the procress how a website is design and built. Although he does not have much experience in that field, he still looks to expand his horizon, and learn something new. He can see himself having a career in both of theses fields, as they both intrigue him to learn more.

Photo of Technology Connections

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