A & C Prints

What is A & C Prints?

A & C Prints is a design & printing company run by two sisters, Ashley and Caileigh Eagle. We strive to provide the highest quality designs with the most efficient and affordable package deals. Whether you are looking for a design for a logo, clothing, etc., we are the sisters to come to!! We offer discounts for schools and organizations that are looking to make a purchase in bulk. Depending on the organization, there will be a 10-25% discount. We also will do orders for charity events for free. You should talk directly to our store manager about our discounts.

From left to right: Ashley Eagle, Caileigh Eagle

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We offer free shipping on orders over $30.00 USD. We also offer free international shipping on orders over $50.00 USD.


Our hours of operation are Tuesday-Thursday 9am-6pm PST | Friday-Saturday 11am-9pm PST.

Contact info

Store number: (724) 438-3045 or Email: A&C@gmail.com