Welcome to my studio!

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My recording studio is dedicated to giving every guest a quality experience, and a quality product. Here at Alex Emert Recordings, I strive to deliver the best possible sound in every project I am invovled in. The studio specializes in genres of rock, metal, pop, and every subgenre in between.

Many services are offered here, including:

In order to achieve the best results with projects, we use the newest version of Pro Tools as our DAW, with it being the industry standard. We also use some of the best microphones available to record our projects. We also have a full drumset available as well as multiple electric guitars. The studio uses a hybrid setup of analog and digital technology to have flexability and options while working on projects. My recording studio is prepared to work with you and to help your music reach its full potential. Whether it's mixing, recording, or any of my other services, I will be sure each guest is satisfied with the outcome.

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