I began this work of art by first making the 3D vase. To do this, I made sure I was in "Object Mode" and placed a circle on the grid. Then I changed the mode to "Edit Mode" allowing me to start shaping my vase. By pressing the "e" key the circle is "extruded" and then by pressing the "z" key that extruded wall is centered on the Z-axis so that my vase would not be crooked. To get the angles of the vase I had to hit the "s" key so that the extruded wall could be angled or "scaled." By pressing the keys e, z , and s, eventually I had a rough vase. After the vase was created I had to smooth out the edges by increasing the subdivisions in-between each angle of the vase. Now with a smooth vase I changed it to a teal color. I also added a floor and two walls with the plane tool, as well as changed their color to green and pink. Then I typed my name in front of my vase with the text tool, and gave the text depth by extruding the letters and changing their color to purple. Lastly I moved the light source around so that the shadows laid exactly how I wanted them too. After the moving the light source, my 3D masterpiece was done. To animate this piece, I used the camera and keyframes. I set the camera in the position I wanted the animation to start in. At this point I added a keyframe so that I would always start in that position. Then I moved the camera around, and everytime I got in the next position I wanted I would place a keyframe. Once I got all my positions and keyframes placed, I hit "animate" which created the animation.

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