Who We Are Next Level Studios is a music recording studio meant for those who want to progress both their music careers and also the music industry as a whole. We strive for our studio to be used as an outlet for the musically frustrated, who want to make their voices and names known in this ever growing industry. Whether you are a songwriter, a musician, a singer, or a full band, Next Level Studios is here to serve and support you and your goals.


What We Do We are a full-service recording studio with the ability to write or co-write, edit, hire artists, arrange, record, mix and master. Thus, we are able to either work on projects that just need to be mastered or start from the ground up, allowing the artist to obtain the sound and product they are looking for. We record anyone from amateurs to professionals, and any genre, from heavy metal, to classical, to pop. If you can dream it, we will record it. Equipment: ProTools 12.7.1 Universal Audio Apollo 8p Interface KRK Rokit 8 G2s and KRK K10S subwoofer Gretsch Renown Maple Drum Kit 1964 Gibson 330ES Electric Guitar 1974 American Fender Jazz Bass Shure BETA52A *All artists are allowed and encouraged to use their own equipment.



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