You want it, we create it

Welcome to the Creative Minds Collective. We are a group of artists dedicated to finding creative solutions to aesthetic questions. The focus of this group is to create art in a variety of media. From pencils to ceramics, we generate some of the most sought after pieces on the contemporary art market.

As graduates of the CALU Bachelor of Fine Arts program, the artists of this collective have the skills and knowledge that are requisite for turning out durable, high-quality art that lasts. You want it, we create it.

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Just to whet your appetite, here is a range of what we specialize in:

Whether you are a private or corporate client, we at Creative Minds strive to ensure that the piece you want is specific to the work you need. We ensure that each and every work we create is unique to the client. You will not find another piece like the one you get from us.