Brittany Nicole Gilpin



              Brittany Nicole Gilpin


This is my personal computer where I work on much of my graphic design projects and side jobs. This is where the dog supplement company and drink company began and where the Deemston Borough Car show flier was born. Almost everything related to my major outside of classes is done on this computer. It is a Macbook Air from about fall 2016 when I first began designing and developing brands and posters.

These are the monitors that we use in class to develop our projects. The main monitor is linked to the smaller monitor to the right. The smaller monitor can display extra windows from the main desktop and give you the ability to view and work on multiple projects at once. Most everything that plays into my major and career is branded by Apple and is of the highest quality. The monitors pictured are from the Helsel graphic design lab where we build websites and develop photos through Photoshop and other Adobe Suite programs.

This is my personal camera. Having a personal camera that is of professional quality can come in handy when taking original photos for projects. They can then be used in various programs to create whatever effect or project required. It is a Canon EOS Rebel T5. I use my camera both inside and outside of the classroom and the fact that it is compatible with lenses that my mom had when she went through school is astounding. Throughout my time owning this camera I have acquired multiple lens filters and the camera itself came with several lenses that help me create my desired effects and quality of photographs.

It is recommended for budding photographers and families but is rugged and light weight enough for any type of project while taking professional quality images.


This is my camera bag. I store all of my lenses, filters, chargers, and SD cards in this bag along with my camera itself. It is a heavy duty bag with plenty of space that came with the kit when it had been purchased for me. It helps protect the camera whenever I take it to places that are not local for shooting elsewhere. Having a camera bag and being able to have all of my tools on me at once to change the effects and quality of the images that I am taking is extremely helpful because without it every photo would look exactly the same and be visually boring. Graphics of any kind should never be boring especially when the work is going into your portfolio and could inspire another person. Buying the Canon EOS Rebel T5 is pricey but extremely worth it in the end.

To the left is just a sample of the work that can be accomplished with the use of all of these tools combined. Graphic Design is what everything around us is about. This display shows that perfectly and with the help of all of the equipment listed these projects were made possible. All of these tools combine to make one beautiful piece and most times it is entirely necessary to have these items to excel in whatever we are working on. Original photography for sample images are definitely one of the most important pieces in any project and by using a personal computer and storing on a backup personal computer helps make the entire process just that much easier.