This is a piece that I did through photo manipulation. The photo was taken at a bus painting and then later on edited to create the effect shown. Editing is a big part of graphic design because Photoshop plays into a little over half of what I do and gaining personal experience is helpful in pursuing this career.

This piece was done through the use of makeup and lighting that had existed outside of the photo edit which involves several textural overlays and layers.

This piece was taken in the same day as the piece above. The same makeup was applied but this piece is not as heavily edited and had more lighting. Since the eye and makeup was so dramatic I felt adding too much would take away from the photo. Sometimes in graphic design simple is best.

This piece was taken with minimal dramatic makeup and it was later edited with multiple textural layers and overlays also through a photo editing program. The effect created involved heavily editing the lighting, texture, and coloring of the entire piece.


This piece was done through a photo editing program as were all of the previous pieces. This piece involved me drastically changing the contrast of the image and dropping it into black and white. The eye color was produced through the editing process as were the fangs and the grayscale shown through the image. I felt the drastic change in contrast would create a bigger impact on the viewer and make the photo visually interesting.