Let's Talk about Me!

Why I Chose Communications

I chose to be a Communications major mainly because of its broad range of study. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with my future, so I chose the same major that my sister did and followed in her footsteps. As I went through my first semester as a Communications major, I realized that I had fallen in love with the field. I may have followed in my sister's footsteps, but the Communications Studies major at Cal U has allowed me to create my own path and find what I enjoy most. Each individual in the Communications major is utilizing their degree in their own way.

What I Plan to Do with My Degree

I plan to graduate from Cal and get a job in social media or branding. Those are the aspects of Communications that I enjoy the most. Also, I want to be able to use my communication skills to make a positive change in the world. I consider myself to be an activist and an advocate, and it would be ideal if I could incorporate both activism and communications into my future career. For example, social media is commonly looked at as a toxic space that promotes negative habits like comparing yourself to others, body dysmorphia, and so on. I want to use social media for good, making each of my platforms a safe and equal place for everyone.

My Personal Experience in Communications

Throughout my time here at Cal, I have been able to hold many positions and gain a lot of experience in my field. First, as I mentioned on the Welcome page, I am the Communications Chair on the Student Honors Advisory Board. I have accomplished many things in this position so far. For example, I have gained 97 followers on our Instagram page since I took over the position, close to my goal of 500 followers. In addition, I am about to complete a social media campaign to amplify BIPOC voices and diversity in the Honors Program. This campaign has entailed a lot of extensive research and hard work, so now that it is almost done, I am very excited to implement this campaign. Moreove, I am also the Vice President of Community Relations in my sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau. In this position, I manage our social media platforms, create content for the socials, and I am responsible for communicating key messages to and from our chapter. Lastly, I volunteered at my local park over the summer, designing logos and graphics for their events and such. I actually got the chance to work under my sister, which was really awesome and a lot of fun!

Me with a mask on

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