Brainjuice Illustrations

Well well well....look what we have here. I see that you have stumbled upon my webpage. This is quite possibly the best thing you are ever going to possibly experience. You should be thanking me. You are welcome. Within this very brief reading you will understand why I chose to take the path you see before you. A company that thrives in a fast paced and chaotic environment. A company that laughs in the face of impossible odds ad rund circles around our competitors. A company that at its very core, is dedicated to competition, empathy, and you the client. Welcome to Brainjuice Illustrations!!!!

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Brainjuice Illustrations is a company based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. We specialize in logo design and brand consulting. Creating advertizements for some of if not the most prestigiouse names on the market. Names you may have heard of such as GugrleFlurgin, the only liquid based beverage for your pet bat. And lets not forget our ad campaign for Coca-Bola, Featuring a hologram of Robin williams screaming at the sun for 45 minutes straight.

When you hire us there are three things you need to know before you begin your Brain Juice journey.

    We are dedicated to every client and will not finish until the job is done and the client is satisfied.
    We are willing to be flexible and accomodate your needs and budget
    We are not ignorant of jokes and through word of mouth we are a delight to be with.
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