Paul's Woodshop

Welcome to Paul's Woodshop


In Paul's Woodshop you can be as creative as you want. We have all different type of equipment for customers to use. In this safe and controlled environment, people are encouraged to bring their own material and use their own locker space.


Equipment:                                  Why would we have a woodshop open to the public?

  • Jointer                                    By opening this woodshop to the public, we are
  • Planner                                 encouraging people to be creative and learn how to
  • Tablesaw                              use different tools. In the hope that more people start
  • Mitarsaw                               to acknowledge new things and try them.
  • Bandsaw
  • Hand sanders



  • Always make sure

     there is someone

     to watch over.

  • 6 inch hand clearances
  • Pass safety classes before you enter.
  • Any unsafe or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Bring your own material.
  • If equipment is broken you have to buy it.

Click here to see our equipment and past projects.