Jimmy Hunyady - HempCo Family

About Me

Jimmy Hunyady is the Co-founder of HempCo Family. He grew up on a small town in Washington County called Millsboro. He found a love for sports such as basketball, baseball, and football. He attended High School at Bethlehem-Center. During high School, Jimmy began to suffer from anxiety and found Medical Marijuana to really benefit him. He then when on to achieve a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies. After graduating from Cal-U, he went on to pursue and gain a certification to be a Certified Cannabis Budtender (CCBT).


What he does

Jimmy works as a one of the head budtender's for his company HempCo Family. He spends most of his days suggesting items to customers based off of their diagnosis an preferences. answer any questions a custome or employee needs, handle and distribute products to customers. Jimmy also does inventory within the product and labels them accordingly. He helps build relationships between himself and the customers as long as other workers with their customers.

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