What Technology Education is to me...


      Technology Education, to me, is not only being in a workshop all period working on different types of projects. It also consists of computer programs, electrical devices and even paperwork. Technology Education has adapted from drawing everything on paper and creating it manually to doing large amounts of projects digitally. Now there are routers and even mills that use computer numerical control, which require different computer programs to operate. Three- Dimensional Printers are now being used for multiple projects or prototypes, which also require these computer programs. Some classes use robots, or design three-dimensional buildings. The key thing is that Technology Education is creating skills for students that they will be able to use in their future, whether it be for a career or personal satisfaction.


Why I chose Technology Education...


       I had quite a few influences with my decision to joining the Technology Education field, but Keith Smith influenced me the most. For three of the four years I was in high school, he taught Electronics, Materials Applications, Project Lead the Way: Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA), and Project Lead the Way: Engineering Design and Development (EDD). Unfortunately, from budget cuts in the school district, he was moved my senior year and only taught the Project Lead the Way courses. Mr. Smith noticed how much I had applied and enjoyed myself in my technology education classes. I would also take the time to help my classmates if they were struggling with a concept while my instructors were helping others.

My strengths within the Technology Education department are robotics or electronics. I was involved within these two areas the most throughout my high school career. Through our robotics program, we participated in battle bot competitions including the Southwestern Pennsylvania BotsIQ program. I was a member of our team for three years and am taking the time to help mentor the team this school year with the design and assembly processes as the participate again. My weaknesses within technology education would be my knowledge of Computer Aided Drafting programs, such as Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD. I would like to take the time to learn how to properly use these programs and similar ones.


I have chosen to become a Technology Education teacher because of how much I enjoy helping people learn about how to use different machinery to create projects. Teachers are the instructors for the new generation of workers in the world.


Large projects


       If you read the "About" section of this website, you saw that I had created the "ON AIR" sign for my school's video studio. I also created a few personal projects such as a tabletop arcade cabinet, a 15 lbs battle bot, and designed a headphone wrap.