What is Technology Education?

To define Tech Ed we break it down into the technology aspect and then in to the educational part. Technology is tools to solve a problem which inturn makes our live easier. The eductional part is understaning how to teach the useage of technolgy the approiate time to use technology and the know need for problem solving. We learn how to navigate our way through a problem and then apply it, testing our souliton till when end up with a solution. As Tech Ed majors we need to have more education then most. first we need to know about the technology side of the major and what it intails like Wood working, robotic, digital graphics, and many more. With the education side we learn of how to deal with a class and how to understand the porcess of getting infomation the the kids. In one class we learned how to help children with special needs and how to accomidate the classroom enviroment to want they need to sucssed. With our major there is a not of hands not work and a good amount of knowlged that needs to be learn to succed in the real world classroom.

Picture of a Woodshop

Real world use for Technology Education

When a Tech Ed teacher is in the real world enviroment they will have to desomsate the skills and knowlged needed for the class before the students should start any work. Something we have learne is some classes si that you are not a great teacher untill you undertsnad what you are teacheirng about. When Teaching the knowleged and skills you have when help you mke those deep connection with the topic.

The topics that a Tech Ed student could teach in a classroom can be anywhere from Woodworking, Welding, metal working, graph disign, computer engenierring, Robotics, Enginnering, and many more. The major as a group at Cal U is one of the most skilled group becasue we have a very knowledgable group. When I talk to others of the people in the major they are alwys surpised as to how much we know about many things. So when you are teaching the students you can connect thos sills to the lesson your teaching.

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