Welcome to Luminous!

Luminous is a photography and design company founded by Jacob Lang who is a junior at California University of Pennsylvania. Luminous provides services such as portrait photography, event photography including weddings and engagements, personal branding, logo design and practically all other aspects of photography and design. The word luminous is defined as 'full of or shedding light; bright or shining, especially in the dark,' and that is my goal with this company, to shine light onto a subject, or to lead a client into a bright idea or concept.

What I get most out of creating things is seeing the look and satisfaction that comes across a subject's face when they see themselves photographed in a flattering light, or seeing a clients face when their own brand is printed out on their first business card. Watching people being led down an artistic path that expands their creativity or showcasing flaws and imperfections that are nothing to be ashamed of is one of the most satisfying things a designer/photographer can come across. Nothing is more appreciated than 'Well done.'

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Example Work

A portrait of Skye A portrait of Josh A book design A portrait of Nick