Special Education: The Journey from High School to Master Program

What is special education?


Special education can be a complicated program to explain. The most simple explanation is this is a program that was designed in 1975 for students with disabilities gain free access to education that is centered around how they learn and develop. This act was amended in 2007 and had a name change. The act was originally called Education of All Handicapped Children Act (EHA), the name was then changed in 2007 to Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). This act gave public schools funding for each student that fell under a certain criteria. This also for the student ensures that he or she gets a

  1. free and appropriate education
  2. develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each child
  3. educate within a child's "least restrictive environment
  4. ensure that teachers are adequately qualified

The only time a student will be entered into the special education program is if the students disability affects his or her learning.

The picture is of students that I had for a week. In the picture they are learning safety and how to work together as a team. some of the students that were in this group had a disability, these children were mixed with regular education children. This is just an example of how the special education program works.