Why I choose to study criminal justice because, I want to protect the public and the rights of an individual. Choosing criminal justice has been the of my career options. I currently have the interest of studying into child protection. to insure the saftey of juveniles and the proper reassignment of a child or family in an abusive home. Know that I did my job right would be the best reward I would have accompilshed. This choose of career is a not the fun nor for the weak. In child protection I will see the true evil of the world.

In the U.S. there is over 424,000 chidern in foster care. on average, children stay in foster care for over a year and a half. five percent of kids in the foster system stay for five years or more. Adoption is a major problem though. Only one in million children actually live with adoptive parents. Adoption is the most improtant thing for infertile parents. A lot of kids that do get adopted have to deal with pediatric AIDS and concrens of drug-exposer to infants.


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