About Me

I grew up in south florida, around fresh and salt water. Being around water all the time brighterned my future to any water sports inculding swimming and my love from the competition. From a young age I started competitive swimming during the season and then when it was off season I particitpated in competitive skimboarding also surfing. As I got older I started to focus more on swimming and when I turned seventeen I got lifeguard certified and got my first job at a pool. seeing a lot of kids lose their parents or viseversa. Having to do first aid on minors has shown me that there are parents how were rude or over bearing when I was trying to do my job then there are parents who refused care when their kid actually needed it.


Over the years of being around kids from nannying to swim lessons to swim team, you've picked up on the parents that are really good parents to the parents that hire you or someone to take care of their kids because they are too busy for their own life and career. There was one time I was working at the pool I no longer work at and there was a swim meet going on a parent hired the nanny to take the swimmer to the meet and apparently told the nanny that the father was busy with work stuff and couldn't take the son to the event but it turned out that the parent was playing tennis across the street. When the parent showed up at the pool wearing the tennis clothes with racket in hand the nanny punch the father and called him a awfull irresponible parent. I had to call the police on the nanny for punching the guy but he wasn't wrong.

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